1. Welcoming Artist Natascha Maksimovic

    2023-11-09 12:38:35 UTC
    Kingsford Gallery is proud to welcome multidisciplinary artist and designer Natascha Maksimovic Maksimovic’s sublime dream-like landscapes are a contemporary and captivating incarnation of the ancient art of Suminagashi marbling, an art form that captures the fluid interplay between spontaneity and intention. At the heart of her practice lies a profound…

  2. Welcoming Artist Ben Newman

    2023-10-16 13:36:44 UTC
    Kingsford Gallery is pleased to present the work of artist and illustrator Ben Newman.Ben Newman is a highly regarded illustrator and artist renowned for his distinct aesthetic characterised by a fusion of bold shapes, vivid colours, and geometric compositions.  Newman has authored and illustrated a number of children’s books including…

  3. Welcoming Artist Ralph Shuttleworth

    2023-10-12 09:17:04 UTC
    Kingsford Gallery proudly introduces contemporary woodworking artist Ralph Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth’s practice is deeply rooted in exploring the intricate relationship between the inherent properties of natural wood and the creative intervention of human craftsmanship. Using reclaimed timber and native woods like sycamore and ash, he creates sculptures that possess a unique…

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