Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2024

We are pleased to announce that Kingsford Gallery will exhibiting for the first time at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London. We will be presenting a selection of artists whose work is marked by a unique use of materials and experimental processes. Their materially conscious practice showcases a refined aesthetic and intricate craftsmanship, celebrating the interplay between tradition and innovation.

Presented artists are: Jessie Cutts, Mel Fraser, Shelly Goldsmith, Natascha Maksimovic, Maria Pierides, Ben Newman, Ralph Shuttleworth, Edward Thompson

Affordable Art Fair Battersea, 6 - 10 March 2024 | Stand D4

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Shelly Goldsmith - Shelly is an established and internationally recognised fine art textile artist with work in a number of public collections including the V&A Museum. Shelly’s work explores cloth’s ability to absorb memories and reflect experiences, transforming discarded synthetic clothing into potent vehicles of storytelling.  Using complex and innovative printing methods she prints both on and with garments, imprinting the ghostly remnants of voluminous dresses in deep inky blue. 

Shelly Goldsmith, Cut From Her Dress: Walpole Bay Bodice

Edward Thompson - In his conceptual photo project The Unseen Thompson brings together a series of haunting and uncanny images that explore the boundaries of our perception utilising a rare deadstock infrared film that exposes wavelengths invisible to the human eye. You may have seen his work earlier this year in The Saatchi Gallery. 

Edward Thompson, A woman washes clothes in receding flood water

Mel Fraser - Mel Fraser, a highly regarded stone sculptor with over 30 years of experience, delicately carves ethereal veils of rippling alabaster, pushing the limits of stone’s physical properties. Her diverse body of work traverses universal themes, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound aspects of human nature, and she is recognized as one of the leading stone sculptors in the UK.

Mel Fraser, Aleteo

Jessie Cutts - With an intuitive and improvisational approach to composition her vibrant and textural hand-stitched art quilts  explore the boundaries of form and colour through fabric. Harnessing traditional quilting techniques, her works are both contemporary and deeply rooted in tradition, transcending the limitations often associated with craft. 

Jessie Cutts, Sunset Blocks

Ralph Shuttleworth - Ralph is an emerging contemporary woodworking artist whose unique experimental style subverts conventional woodworking processes and harnessing the natural tendencies
of wood. Using reclaimed timber and native woods like sycamore and ash, Shuttleworth warps and manipulates solid wood into undulating forms that possess a unique visual rhythm arising from the
structural tensions within the wood.

Ralph Shuttleworth, Gestures in Walnut

Ben Newman - Highly regarded illustrator Ben Newman’s distinct aesthetic, characterised by bold shapes and vivid colours, explores the intricacies of composition and spatial relationships. His dynamic compositions serve as a cathartic process, reconciling fragmented elements into cohesive wholes and seeking balance in the composition.

Ben Newman, Figs

Maria Pierides - Maria’s paintings are an artistic odyssey through the mythic landscapes that have shaped her identity. Her expressive textured works ruminate on the sublime forces of nature, offering unique windows into fleeting moments and the interconnectedness of human experience with the natural world.

Maria Pierides, Mirrored Lakes and Streams II

Natascha Maksimovic - Natascha’s sublime landscapes, created through the ancient art of Suminagashi marbling, evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation. Divining landscapes from the swell of ink, the mesmerising patterns capture the essence of flux and unpredictability, inviting you to explore the landscapes of your imagination.

Natascha Maksimovic, Desert II

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