Ralph Shuttleworth is a contemporary woodworking artist and designer based in West Yorkshire. 

Shuttleworth's practice is deeply rooted in exploring the intricate relationship between the inherent properties of natural wood and the creative intervention of human craftsmanship. Using reclaimed timber and native woods like sycamore and ash, he creates sculptures that possess a unique visual rhythm, characterised by undulating forms that arise from the structural tensions within the wood itself.

Shuttleworth began working in wood in 2017, and he has since gained recognition through emerging talent programs and awards. He has exhibited across the UK in selected exhibitions and events, including London Design Festival. Graduating in Furniture design from Nottingham Trent University in 2021, Shuttleworth's talent was acknowledged by the Craft Council, which named him one of the top graduate designers of the year.

By subverting conventional woodworking processes and harnessing the natural tendencies of wood, Shuttleworth has developed a unique experimental style that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of the wood and reflecting the delicate interplay between human creativity and natural processes.

Selected Artworks

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