Natascha Maksimovic a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Margate, Kent. Her sublime dream-like landscapes are a contemporary and captivating incarnation of the ancient art of Suminagashi marbling, an art form that captures the fluid interplay between spontaneity and intention.

Born in Germany, Maksimovic studied at Camberwell College of Arts and went on to work with Ridley Scott within the film industry before moving into her own practice. With her work gracing major publications and resonating with contemporary design connoisseurs in 2023 her work was showcased at London Craft Week's Future Icons.

At the heart of her practice lies a profound connection with her materials, a commitment to precision, patience, and an intuitive mastery of ink's natural flow. Maksimovic repurposes leftover oil inks, coaxing them to intertwine and converge, manifesting mesmerising patterns and divining landscapes from the swell. Muted scenic forms echo the organic contours of nature that are reminiscent of mist-shrouded moors and majestic mountains, evoking the ethereal landscapes of the mind’s eye. Her “Memory Landscapes” offer unique windows into a fleeting moment, each piece encapsulating a snapshot of the creative process itself.

Maksimovic’s work is a fusion of tradition and innovation, and a testament to her uninhibited experimentation. She perpetually re-invents and transcends the traditional boundaries of the Suminagashi process as she explores uncharted possibilities, blurring the traditional boundaries of craft and art. Her works capture the essence of flux and unpredictability eliciting a sense of wonder and contemplation, inviting us to explore the landscapes of our imagination.

Selected Artworks

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