Edward Thompson (B. 1980, Wales) is a British documentary photographer. His photographic work has focused on various subjects over the years covering environmental issues, socio-political movements, subcultures, everyday life and the consequences of war. 

Thompson’s documentary photo-essays have been published in international outlets and magazines including National Geographic Magazine, Newsweek Japan, Greenpeace Magazine, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, BBC, CNN and The Sunday Times Magazine. He has lectured on photography across the UK at galleries and institutions such the V&A, Bishopsgate Institute, The Photographers Gallery, London College of Communication and University for the Creative Arts.

In his conceptual photo project The Unseen Thompson brings together a wide-ranging body of work exploring the boundaries of our perception utilising a rare deadstock infrared film that exposes wavelengths invisible to the human eye. 

In this work Thompson examines things outside our visual spectrum, beyond our perception and events that go unnoticed or unreported. Thompson documents population displacement caused by extreme weather events, chases parapsychological phenomena, captures celestial bodies and abstracted forms from deep within Icelandic glaciers, and records the decaying scenes of the radioactive Red Forest of Chernobyl, Ukraine. 

Thompson's haunting and uncanny imagery reimagines the world, invigorating the mundane with an extraordinary blood-red hue, compelling us to question our perceptions of reality and engage in wider narratives of the global climate emergency.

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