Ben Newman is a highly regarded illustrator and artist renowned for his distinct aesthetic characterised by a fusion of bold shapes, vivid colours, and geometric compositions. 

Newman has authored and illustrated a number of children’s books including the Professor Astro Cat book series. With over 15 years experience in the illustration industry, Newman has produced work for a large range of clients, including the Tate Modern, New York Times, BBC Radio 4, Apple, Google and The New Yorker. 

With a new body of work Newman delves into the intricacies of composition and spatial relationships between geometric elements. Repeated motifs are skilfully deconstructed into smaller, malleable sections which are then reassembled into a larger compositions. The juxtaposition of colour and forms jostle with a dynamic and compelling energy. For Newman this work serves as a cathartic process through which he reconciles fragmented elements, uniting them into a cohesive whole and seeking balance in the composition.

Selected Artworks

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